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The Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) celebrates 75 years today (November 2, 2011) and the tradition is remembered by many in different ways.

Growing up in Elliot Lake in Northern Ontario, I remember when CBC actually began televising and remember sitting in front of a snowy screen watching our choice of stations ... CBC.

I remember rushing home after school to watch the romantically dashing Zorro and Davey Crocket in his 'scoonskin' cap.  They were heroes to a young schoolgirl.

Every Saturday night was, of course, Hockey Night in Canada, while every Sunday night after dinner, was all about Disneyland and Lawrence Welk.  Our family faithfully watched both and, as a proteger singer, I learned from the wonderful singers that were featured on Lawrence Welk.

I also remember looking forward to Don Messer and his special guest, a young girl, Ann Murray. 

Before that however, CBC radio provided not only a main source of news but also culture.

As a teenager, 'Opera at the Met', a Saturday afternoon staple today, played a key role in my life.  Living in what was then a small northern community, the Opera opened doors to a world that, even today, remain open.  As a young singer, I listened to Maria Callas and Beverly Sills ...and they were among my several teachers.

Then, came my son in the 1960s and, to this generation, the Friendly Giant and Mr. Rogers were not only favourites but were, at time, 'babysitters'.  They were gentle teachers who lead a new generation in to a world of imagination.  Who can forget the Friendly Giant and his big boot and Gerome the Giraffe?  Who can forget Mr. Rogers as he put on his cardigan sweater?  They are all memories that reach out a generation.

CBC is unique in the world of communication.  It opens our Canadian doors to the world - letting others in to our lives, but also opening doors to other worlds for us.

Without a doubt, CBC defines the national voice of Canada, at home and in the world.


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Thursday, November 03, 2011