Beatz4Youth concert showcases lots of local talent
By Liz Dadson


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Robbie Meek (front), plays bass with his fellow musicians Andrew Zettel (L) on vocals and keyboard, and Luke Zettel on drums, in Robbie Meek's Trio out of Sacred Heart School in Walkerton

About 50 people took in the Beatz4Youth concert hosted by the Youth Waves Coalition Saturday night at the Kincardine Arts Centre.

For those who couldn't attend, they missed a great show, featuring some very talented local musicians.

Brontae Hunter, 11, of Point Clark, was first up, with her stellar voice, accompanying herself on the keyboard. She sang some cover pieces and some of her own tunes, and then switched to playing a drum she called "Suzuki" because it was made in Canada from recycled material. Banging on the drum, she sang another original, "I Won't Let It Hurt."

Brontae Hunter, 11, of Point Clark, plays her drum at the concert

Robbie Meek's Trio, out of Sacred Heart School in Walkerton, brought an incredible stage presence to the show, with superb vocals and a good combination of bass, keyboard and drums.

Also performing were guitarist and singer Ben Turcotte, jazz guitarist and singer Beverly Ann Foster, duo Francis and Alessandro Lozada, and the May as Well Band.

The concert was a fund-raiser for Youth Waves, said Aayushi Joshi, who organized the event with Lauren Killin and Robbie Meek.


"We want to raise money to put toward planning other events like this for the people of Kincardine," said Aayushi. 'It's a youth-geared event. We did all the organizing, we have youth performing, we want to showcase the talents of our youth, do something for the community, and get involved."

She said the coalition requires youth and adults members in such roles as event co-ordinator, web and social media, and representatives for the three age groups: 12-14, 15-16 and 17-18.

"Our goal," said Lauren, "is to increase the public profile of Kincardine Youth Waves and let people know what we do. We want to assist at community events, partner with local media, and participate in social media such as Facebook and Twitter."

Aayushi said the main goal is to provide a space for youth in Kincardine, similar to a seniors' centre, where information is shared and activities are planned.

"We need a place for youth to hang out, a place where they can be themselves," she said.

Members of Youth Waves travelled to Ingersoll to see the Fusion Youth Centre there. "It has everything for youth, including a recording studio, tutoring, a skateboard park, a lab. If we could get one thing, such as a pool table or something, that's what we'd like to get."

For more information about Kincardine Youth Waves, check it out on Facebook.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011