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Saugeen Shores 340 Air Cadets Squadron

While many teenagers in Saugeen Shores were sitting around telling their parents how bored they were over the summer, several of the Saugeen Shores air cadets were getting experiences to remember for a life time in four different camps across Ontario.

Shaffon Din and Simonne Myette

Two youngest cadets, AC Shaffon Din and LAC Simonne Myette, who completed their first year of training in June in Port Elgin, went off to experience their first two weeks of cadet camp at Base Trenton.  At this General Training camp, they learned a little bit in all areas of cadet training including range, survival, band, sports, drill and of course aviation.

Second and third year cadets, Cpl Sydney Myette and Flt Cpl Hayley Laur, were in Base Borden for three weeks at Basic Leadership learning about being our future leaders in cadets and life.  This course included how to do team building activities, teaching and learning to master their drill voices.   The course also included morning Physical Activities including a summer biathlon.

Also at Base Borden, Cpl Zackery Skomorowski was in a three week course, Basic Survival.  This course included a four-day camp in the bush eating only military rations.

At Base Trenton, there was a third year cadet, Flt Cpl Stuart Comyn learning Basic Aviation at Base Trenton and a fourth year cadet, Sgt Nick Bromanoff in an Advanced Aviation, both three week courses.  Each described his courses as very exciting, exhilarating and fun but that were also filled with interesting knowledge dealing with airplanes, flying and airmanship.  They both recommend these courses for any aspiring airman.

At Base Connaught near Ottawa, another third year cadet, Flt Cpl Matthew Walter was in a six week Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor course.  This was an intense course that teaches how to assist with instructing our other cadets in air-rifle handling procedures and drill.

Two of the most senior cadets also participated in interesting courses over the summer.  Flt Sgt Coval Laur had an exciting and new course for six weeks at Base Trenton, Leadership and Ceremonial Instruction course.  There he learned many new and exciting drill moves and teaching skills to bring back to his unit for his last year of cadets.  He experienced many exciting things this summer, but the most fun was the ride in the C-17, Globemaster.  The whole flight of 125 cadets was flown over Kingston were they opened the back cargo bay door in flight.  The cadets enjoyed their box lunches on the return trip back to Trenton.

The unit is very proud of its last cadet on course, Flt Sgt Andy Plater, who had the most amazing opportunity given to an air cadet this summer - a seven week course in Breslau Ontario.  Breslau is the location of the Waterloo Regional airport and where Flt Sgt Plater worked very hard to achieve a life-time goal of attaining his private pilot license, or wings [as known in the Air Force].  The high point of one of his solo cross-country flights was flying over his home town - Saugeen Shores.



All courses are free of charge for cadets, including Flt Sgt Plater's pilot course, and the cadets are also given a training bonus.

When asked what the best thing about summer camp was, the most popular response by cadets was the camaraderie between the different cultural and social backgrounds that came together because of the bond shared with the love for the cadet program.

340 Air Cadets meets every Tuesday night at SDSS from 6:30 until 9:00.  New members, age of 12 years and up, are always welcome.

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