Voting freely is envied throughout the world


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Tomorrow (Oct. 6) is yet another election day in the lives of Ontario residents.

Regardless of party affiliation, or not, living in a democracy gives each person the right to a vote, unlike many countries throughout the world.

While you may not agree with your neighbour's choice of party, or even that of family members, you have the right to your own choice.  Only an individual can decide what party he or she will vote, hopefully based on some semblance of informed decision.

Many individuals make a voting decision based on the party platform or the individual candidate personality or on previous voting experience based on heritage.

As individual voters, each has the right to cast a vote without having to justify, or even reveal to anyone, his or her choice.  It is, in fact, one of the last vestiges of true individual freedoms ... the right to express an inherent need to have a voice that no one can question and the right to vote in secret. 

Whatever the choice of vote, it is the action of voting that matters.  For those who don't vote ... never complain about a party or politics, because you have lost that right.  Some say that not voting is, in fact, a voice.   Not voting is not having a voice. 

Tomorrow is yet again another election day ... it may seem tedious, it may seem too soon ... it may seem a lot of things.  The one thing it is however, is a democratic right that many around the world wish they had.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011