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The Question

Have you decided how you will vote on Oct. 6, 2011?

Yes or No?


Yes 89.1%
No 10.9%

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Against the parties that forced us to  install sewers we did not need or want.

Yes I wiil be voting for Carol  Mitchell.Saugeen Shores has rec'd a  considerable amount of money and  donations in the last four years.

Anyone but McGuinty & his local lackey. Between them they've taken $10 000 out  of my pocket through increased taxes. Their urban agenda is raping our  beautiful countyside with ugly  expensive & inefficient wind factories. Good riddance to all the lying  Liberals!

vote conservitive dump  current ag minister and green energy  mcginty

Yes I will be voting  Liberal

Yes I will vote but unfortunately it will  have no impact to change how our province is  run....it is just like voting for a new town  council....nothing ever changes :(

P.C. all the way

Everyone that are able to vote should. that is one of the perks of being a Canadian!

I don't think that we want any more  lies or coruption in the goverment. So  I am going to vote for the PC  candidate. I hope that he doesn't turn  out like McGinty.

It is time for the Liberals to go. PC  lookslike a much better alternative.

It'll be Liberal or NDP.

Just enough idiots not enough time.  What to do.

Mike Harris was a great premier and was  finally getting Ontario back on track  by elimninating waste in government and  privatising various services getting  rid of the lazy overpaid civil service.  Tim Hudak will get the Common Sense  Revolution back on track. My taxes will  be reduced.

NDP of course. Nobody else will fight for  the workers

Not until the local politicians tell  me what they will do specifically for  our area. I am tired of them following  the perty line. Are you going to go  after funding for hospital fix our  roads or what1 Earn my vote!

PC Conservative  voting for change!

PC We must vote the party which will spend the least. The economies of the world are not stable. Canada needs to be a safe haven.

This one's easy! I never want a Mike  Harris clone again  ( sorry Ernie!) And the Tea party should be contained  in the U.S...not up here!!!

Voting for the PC Candidate

We cannot afford anothe 4 years of  Dalton McGuinty and the NDP will just  raise taxes I voting this time.

Would be a fool to introduce a new  party to power in this  economy....Can't change the world with  a new party in Provincial politics.

Yes I sure have decided. I remember  the closures of the jails & the former  Mike Harris Government both are  enough for me!








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Sunday, October 09, 2011