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Historic Saugeen Métis Awarded Creative Communities Prosperity Funding (CCPF) Grant

Historic Saugeen Métis are pleased to announce that a grant has been awarded to the local Métis community under the Creative Communities Prosperity Funding (CCPF). 

The monies will be used for a cultural mapping project, to be completed by August 31, 2012, that will capture, disseminate and share information about the Historic Saugeen Métis on Lake Huron, with aboriginal and non-aboriginal people. 

Culturally, the project is needed to bring greater awareness of the region’s rich, fur trade history, Métis people and the benefits a strong Métis culture can bring to creating stronger people, stronger economies, and stronger, safer communities.  Regionally the richness of Métis culture for economic tourism has yet to be fully explored, as well as Métis cultural entrepreneurship and spin-off value to regional businesses and communities. 

Artifacts donated to Métis Southampton office

The Provincial government, through the CCPF, provides investments in cultural planning that will help Ontario municipalities, Aboriginal communities and not-for-profit organizations tap into the culture sector’s creativity to generate new opportunities for economic growth, employment and wealth creation.  Projects funded through the CCPF will help to cultivate dynamic and inclusive creative communities across the province, and reap benefits for Ontarians and visitors alike.  

Authentic buckskin tunic/jacket among donated items

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Thursday, August 25, 2011