Ripley 4-H vet club up to its elbows in suds to raise funds
By Liz Dadson


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Helping with the bake sale, car wash and pet wash Saturday at the Ripley Vet Clinic, are the "Savage Surgeons" Ripley 4-H vet club, clockwise from front left, Amber Howald, Sydney Beishuizen, Angeles Lewis, Stan Ter Woerds, Cailyn McKay, Cassandra Roberts, Alanna McKay, junior leader Kim Hooey, Serena Rutledge, Brooklyn Charette, and Madison Beishuizen

The Kincardine Times vehicle gets a good scrubbing by Amber Howald (L), Madison Beishuizen, Sydney Beishuizen, Serena Rutledge and Brooklyn Charette of the "Savage Surgeons"

The "Savage Surgeons" Ripley 4-H vet club was up to its elbows in soap suds and baked goods at the fund-raiser held Saturday at the Ripley Vet Clinic.

Assisted by club leaders Dr. Kenneth Bridge, Julia Kremer and Robyn Bridge, and junior leaders Kim Hooey and Jonathon Farrell, the group was washing cars and pets, and selling baked goods to make enough money to take the 32-member club on a field trip to Marineland Aug. 18.

Madison Beishuizen (front), Amber Howald and Brooklyn Charette give "Minnie" a bath whether the little Jack Russell Terrier wanted it or not  

By lunch time, the club had washed about 20 cars and nearly a dozen animals, and sold plenty of baking. The youth were holding up well under the excessive heat, spraying each other with water as they cleaned up the vehicles and pets.

The group certainly did a good job scrubbing down the Kincardine Times vehicle which had barely managed to get away from Kincardine unscathed after a couple of hefty political announcements Saturday morning.

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Sunday, August 07, 2011