Feature  The loss of trees at what expense?

Trees cut in the name of ... development?


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Standing alone ... for how long?

Here yesterday and gone today.  In a field once populated with trees on Hwy. 21 at Port Elgin, except for the odd lone relic, they are being cut to make room for development.

In the nearby seniors' retirement community of Elgin Lodge overlooking the field, residents (many of whom have lived here for many years and some for generations) expressed their dismay at the loss.

The end of air exchange

"Many of these trees have probably been here for at least 100 years," said resident Doug Johnson, "and all of a sudden they are gone ... it makes me feel very sad and nostalgic."

There is a Bruce County By-law #4071 that  "... prohibits or regulates the destruction or injuring of trees in woodlands in the  County of Bruce".   

A graveyard of trees

According to sources, the land is owned by Reid Homes and is soon to be developed.

"It's too bad," says Johnson, "that they couldn't figure out a way to work around something that can never be replaced."

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Thursday, August 11, 2011