Saugeen River ice break-up

by Sandy Lindsay

April 7, 2014

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Ice builds up at the river mouth ...

Huge ice floes draw watchers ...

Ice and swirling waters ...

... swept everything in its path

                                                                                                                                             photo by Ron Seaman (circa 1970s)

Saugeen River ice in the 1970s drew hundreds of spectators on the bridge in Southampton ...

Under sunny skies and warmer temperatures, the Saugeen River began to open up yesterday (Sunday, Apr7/14), after a very long winter and thick ice build-up.

Although this winter seemed more severe than in recent years, in the late 1970s the ice build-up on the Saugeen River was far greater, as seen in photos submitted by Ron Seaman of Seaman.

    ... ice up to the top of the bridge abutments (1970s)

Today, fast moving waters swirled the ice

Once the ice began to break up it moved quickly out through the mouth of the Saugeen River into Lake Huron.  What was expected to take several days, only took a matter of hours.

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Capturing your Weather, April 7 2014


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