Flood Watch continues
in SVCA watershed


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A Flood Watch, issued by the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority (SVCA) Wednesday (April 9), has been updated. 

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has predicted a large weather system is moving into the province Saturday evening (April 11) and will remain into early next week. 

Rain is forecast for Saturday night through to Tuesday. The anticipated rainfall amount for the Saugeen   Watershed could be in excess of 50 millimetres, but amounts may vary. This rainfall could cause additional flooding issues.

Although much of the snow pack has diminished, there is still snow in sheltered areas such as forests, fencerows and depressions. Over the next few days, temperatures are expected to be in the double-digit range and above freezing at night.

A sharp drop in temperature is forecast for Tuesday. Snowmelt will continue through to Tuesday with rain being added into the system as well.

Snowmelt over the last few days has caused elevated flows in area watercourses. As of Saturday flows in the larger watercourses in the upper part of the Saugeen Watershed are generally rising more slowly or are levelling off. 

The Main Saugeen River at Walkerton is above the mean annual flood flow but is no longer increasing. The lower section of the Saugeen River and the Teeswater River upstream of Paisley will continue to rise. Water levels in smaller watercourses are mostly receding.

The ground is saturated and wetlands and other depressions are full, so a heavy rainfall will produce run-off directly to watercourses. Depending on the amount of rain, this additional run-off could cause watercourse levels to rise again.

Due to the elevated flows in the rivers and streams, the public is again advised to stay away from area watercourses.

The Flood Watch continues and SVCA staff will be monitoring conditions including rainfall amounts on an ongoing basis.

This message is in effect until 11 a.m., Monday, 
April 14, unless a further statement is issued.


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Saturday, April 12, 2014