Gas and driving habits


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The Question

With the price increase in gas, will  you be changing your driving habits?

Yes or No?


Yes 66.7%
No 33.3%

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I have to go where I have to go. Most  of my driving is volunteer work  related or necessary for my children.

The price increase hasn't made a  difference in changing my  destinations. In the nice weather I  have always used my bike not to save  gas so much as for the exercise.

As seniors our driving is limited  and mostly necessary.

Can't really change driving habits as  have to drive to work for groceries  etc. Public transit would be a  welcome alternative especially  between South & Port!

In this area it is almost impossible  to manage without a vehicle. I  dispise the increase in fuel prices  but know that I don't have much of an  option but to pay the money.

will keep coming to Port Elgin for the  summer. & keep driving around on coll  7 rain day.

The price of gasoline changed my driving  habits many years ago.

We don't go very far from home except  for summer vacation which I am not  giving up because of gas prices.  We'll just suffer through it and hope  that it gets better!

I'll drive less

I started driving in 1966 back then I  drove like a mad man 'Speeding all the  time. And gas was only $0.50 a gallon. Now that I am much older the gas is a  lot more to pay for sometimes it has  been $1.45 a Lt. Yes I do drive much  slower. So I guess my driving habits  has change a lot.

I will be driving my gas guzzling  truck a lot less.

I will be driving at the speed limit.  Please do not ride my tail!!

For sure we will be changing our  driving habits. There is only so much  money to go around. We have much  higher water and sewer bills hydro is  skyrocketing food prices are on the  rise .. the car will be parked alot  more than it has been that's for sure!

Higher gas prices are  actually good for us people will walk  more ride bikes share rides or take  public transportation. All better for  our environment.

I'm trying to replace little in town  trips to walking (often with my dog)  instead of driving. I figure that it's  a little better for me a little  better for my dog and a little less  money to the oil companies.

Park It*

They are nothing but thieves the oil  companies that is I won't drive as  much!

closer to home is where you will find me  I can think of lots of better ways to spend my money

Driving has always been a privilge ...  but now it will be tempered by cost!

Yes driving slower does help.

Looking at getting rid of my gas  guzzling Honda CRV and purchasing a  2012 Ford Focus Hatchback. Almost  double the gas mileage  same amount of  utility.

We will definitely try to walk more  while in town.

What it will hurt are the stores less coffee and take outs daily trips will now be a lot less. just sit back and think how hard it is going to effect people...

Will have to cut down on driving   making less trips for items needed and  because gas is rising  spending less  in the community!

Yes. I am watching my Tach to try to  maximize my gas mileage and not  accelerating too quickly. It seems to  be helping. DWL

It makes sense for all of us to drive less: it saves money is better for our health to walk/bike/etc. and we get to know our neighbours better!

We are trying to shop more in town but  are experience some frustration with  finding items we need.

Since I have to drive so much for  work I will certainly be watching how  far I go for pleasure this summer ....

Gave up our trip to PEI.

Local businesses are the ones who suffer the most.

We won't be driving up to our cottage  as much..costs 80.00 to fill our van  every wknd.Less money spent in saugeen  shores.

I'll try to cycle in town fewer trips out of town will be planned to multitask.

Gas prices have already altered our  driving habits for at least the past  three years. From Southampton we  drive less overall. We combine trips  especially to far away Port Elgin and  over the horizon Owen Sound...









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Thursday, July 07, 2011