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Pat Mackay and Gerry Hutchison begin a new life together

The old song says that "Love is Lovelier the Second Time Around",  and Pat Mackay and Gerry Hutchison are living proof that it's true.

Mackay, a United Church Minister and Hutchison, who had been in a Catholic seminary for many years, met through their interests in life-long learning.

Hutchison had lost his wife after a long stable marriage as had Mackay with her husband.

"I was not looking for anyone," says Mackay, "but this man who loved to read, loved the arts and writes poetry, definitely had me intrigued."

Although each lived in a different community, Mackay in Port Elgin and Hutchison in Sault Ste. Marie, after several months of long-distance conversations and corresponding, they finally met face to face on May 12, 2010.  By then, they knew almost everything about each other.

"If anyone had told me I would meet this beautiful, intelligent woman with whom I would have everything in common at this stage of my life," says Gerry, "I would have said they were crazy ... but here I am!"

The more the couple talked, the more they discovered the many things that they did have in common.  In addition to the arts and poetry, they both had a background in religious studies and theology, they each grown children and oldest sons named Bruce, they loved to travel and they both loved Paris, where Hutchison studied French and political science.

After only a few months, the couple decided to marry in an unusual ceremony that included both faiths.  They were surrounded by their families, who met each other the night before the wedding.

The couple only recently returned from their dream honeymoon in Europe, that included a cruise down the Danube River visiting the region where the movie 'Sound of Music' took place and a trip to their favourite city, Paris.

Today, they reside in their new home in Southampton on Lake Huron.



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Monday, June 20, 2011