Wadsworth inspects Kincardine Air Cadet squadron at annual review
By Liz Dadson


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Members of the 183 Typhoon Squadron, Kincardine Air Cadets, drill team do a demonstration at the annual review Sunday afternoon at the Davidson Centre

AC Amen Lanting (R) flies a model helicopter during the demonstration portion of the annual review; watching are 2Lt. Robert Grey (L), and Col. Robert J. Wadsworth (retired), reviewing officer

Lillian Watterworth (L) of the Air Cadets sponsoring committee, presents the Most Fit Cadet award to LAC Taarna Taylor and Sgt. Jeremiah Wilson

Award winners, guests and staff gather for a photo; back, reviewing officer Col. Robert J. Wadsworth (retired) (L), commanding officer 2Lt. Robert Grey, Sgt. Jeremiah Wilson, WO2 Amber Douel, WO2 Joseph Finnie, F/Sgt. Philipp Adler, O/Cdt. Stephanie Rutledge; Lt. Col. (retired) Jim Gale of the Air Cadet League; front,  LAC Taarna Taylor, F/Cpl. Aaron Gordon, AC Amen Lanting, and Sgt. Mathew Martin

Kincardine Air Cadets wrap up their annual review

183 Typhoon Squadron, Kincardine Air Cadets, welcomed Col. Robert J. Wadsworth (retired) to review the troops at the annual inspection ceremony Sunday afternoon at the Davidson Centre.

Wadsworth said this is the first time he has done an inspection since he left Cadets at the age of 17.

"I remember being on that parade square when I was 13 as a new Air Cadet," he said. "Be proud to be an Air Cadet. Everything you learn will help you through life."

He congratulated the troop leadership, the parents and volunteers for maintaining the Air Cadet Corps which is difficult to do in today's society.

Wadsworth said that later in his career, he took a flight course and had to go up in an F-18.

"My advice to you is, don't go up in an F-18 after you've had a supper of steak, Caesar salad and beer," he joked. "It's not a good thing.

"Congratulations to you all. I'm proud to be here and proud of your service to your community."

The Cadets completed drills and demonstrations for the crowd, followed by the presentation of awards to the following:
  • Best First-Year Cadet - AC Amen Lanting
  • Most Proficient Senior NCO - WO2 Amber Douel
  • Most Proficient Junior NCO - F/Cpl. Aaron Gordon
  • Best Dress and Deportment - WO2 Joseph Finnie
  • Marksmanship Award - WO2 Amber Douel
  • Keith Pladsen Award for Most Improved Cadet - Sgt. Mathew Martin
  • Most Fit Cadet Award (male and female) - Sgt. Jeremiah Wilson and LAC Taarna Taylor
  • Esprit De Corps Captain Clift Award - F/Sgt. Philipp Adler

Kincardine Legion president Maureen Couture (L) presents the Most Proficient Junior NCO award to F/Cpl. Aaron Gordon

Lt. Col. Jim Gale (retired) brought greetings from the Air Cadet League. He said the best part of his job is being director of 183 Typhoon Squadron.

"You make me very proud," he said. "This is the 10th annual review I have attended and it's the finest I've ever seen. You've accomplished great things this year, and my thanks to the staff and volunteers, the Legion, the sponsoring committee and the municipality for all their support of this group."

2Lt. Robert Grey, commanding officer, also congratulated the troop on its fine performance. This was his final parade in uniform as he is retiring as commanding officer. There will be a change of command in September.

He reminded the crowd that the Air Cadets are helping the Kincardine Lions Club with the Highway 21 clean-up on June 11; tag day is June 18; and the Cadets will be part of Canada Day July 1, and the ABC Gathering at the Kincardine Airport on July 31. Then it's back to training in September.

The review ended with the departure of the reviewing officer, dismissal of the parade, and refreshments.

CI Bruce Clift (L) presents the Esprit de Corps Captain Clift Award to F/Sgt. Philipp Adler

Kincardine deputy mayor Anne Eadie presents the Most Improved Cadet award to Sgt. Mathew Martin

Col. Robert J. Wadsworth (retired), reviewing officer, speaks to the assembly at the Kincardine Air Cadets annual review

WO2 Joseph Finnie (L) and WO2 Amber Douel hold up the cake specially decorated for the annual review

Commanding officer 2Lt. Robert Grey (L) presents the Best First Year Cadet award to AC Amen Lanting

Lt. Col. Jim Gale (retired) (L) presents the Best Dress and Deportment award to WO2 Joseph Finnie

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