Germany is getting out
of nuclear power

By myFM News staff


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Germany is getting out of the nuclear power business.

The government agreed yesterday (May 30), that all of its nuclear reactors will be mothballed by 2036 because of widespread aversion to nuclear power. 

John Peevers of Bruce Power which operates the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station near Tiverton, says 25 per cent of Germany's power is nuclear-generated. He says it will be difficult to replace that with other renewable resources such as solar and wind. 

He says Germany's decision seems to be political, and not something that would happen here in Canada.

"There are elections expected in Germany in 2013," he says. "There's a coalition government and it seems to be more about politics than real sound energy policy."

Peevers says the decision is one that only the Germans can make.

"The German people need to decide their own future, but German nuclear plants do supply about 25 per cent of their electricity," he says. "And getting off nuclear isn't going to be easy for them without increasing reliance on coal plants which is going down another road that most countries are trying to get away from."

Peevers says Bruce Power will learn from lessons in the aftermath of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant disaster in Japan, and will move forward with its restart plan and business plan.


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Tuesday, May 31, 2011