Ripley 4-H square dancing club kicks up its heels at achievement night
By Liz Dadson


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The Ripley 4-H square dancing club is divided into two squares to do a demonstration for family and friends and the Kincardine Tartan Twirlers at achievement night Friday at Ripley-Huron Community School


The Ripley Do-Si-Do'ers do some dipping-and-diving


The 4-H club members swing their partners and have some fun during the dancing


Ken Dale (L) Glenn Boyd and Joyce Courtney of the Glenn Boyd Orchestra provide the live music for the square dancing

The Ripley 4-H square dancing club was kicking up its heels and having some fun, while demonstrating what the members had learned, at the achievement night, held Friday at Ripley-Huron Community School.

With the Glenn Boyd Orchestra providing the live music, and Sam Finnie doing the calling, the "Do-Si-Do'ers" completed several different dances, with some tricky maneuvers.

Leaders Sharon and Alec Martin and Donna Bridge, with assistants Kim Hooey and Crystal Blake, were joined by 17 members for the first square dance club that's been held in awhile.

Members of the club included Kaitlyn MacKinnon, Julien Barkovsky, Justin Ruetz, Jordan Ruetz, Erica Ruetz, Mackenzie Coenen, Rachael Coenen, Claire Coenen, Eline Gutter, Emily Ernewein, Ryan Hallam, Cora Hodgins, Daniella McKitterick, Katherine Phillippi, Cassi Cote-Barnwell, and Emily McKay.

Over the eight weeks of meetings, held Friday nights, the club learned old-fashioned square dancing, the two-step, and the waltz.

Besides the members' family and friends, the club was joined by the Kincardine Tartan Twirlers for achievement night, and the whole crowd learned some more dances.

The Tartan Twirlers begin meeting again in the fall. They are holding beginners' nights on Sept. 9 and 16, 7:30-8:30 p.m., at the Anglican Church of the Messiah in Kincardine.


Sam Finnie (R) tries to sort out this square, with Rachael Coenen (L), Ryan Hallam and Cora Hodgins, and (in back) Eline Gutter and Claire Coenen

The Ripley Do-Si-Do'ers and Tartan Twirlers dance a Schottisch


Cora Hodgins (L) and Mac Coenen make their way around the square during the dancing

The Do-Si-Do'ers and Tartan Twirlers square dance together

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Sunday, May 29, 2011