Science $2.1 Billion to build a tomb for Chernobyl 


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Twenty five years after the disaster at Chernobyl, the abandoned site will be sealed by the world's largest movable structure with an estimated cost of $2.1 billion dollars US

According to the Guardian "... Twenty-eight governments have so far offered money. The European commission was the biggest contributor with $143m at the Kiev Nuclear Safety Summit. The US pledged $123m and Britain, which still has more than 300 hill farms in Wales under radiation restrictions following the fallout from Chernobyl, will contribute $50m. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development announced an extra $172m. Japan, Italy and Canada" are considering whether to contribute."

Robots will be used to manipulate and collapse the present dangerous structure that is highly radioactive.  The new structure is designed to last more than 100 years.

The proposed solution involves a giant arch, heavily constructed to withstand seismic activity.  The present 'house of cards' structure cannot last and is deemed dangerous.

The French and the Ukraine hope that all this work can be done without hazard to workers by the use of robots and robotic cranes which will collapse the existing structure to make way for the new, which will be constructed nearby and moved on Teflon bearings to cover the core and area around it.

See below for a video showing an animated view of how the containment will be done.  It's a little slow to load and quite long



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Wednesday, June 01, 2011