Whoever complained has destroyed a tradition


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Well, I hope that the 'person' who complained about the beach carnivals in Port Elgin is happy.

The 'carnivals' on the beaches during the summer, consisting of cake wheels and 'penny bingos', have been on an on-going tradition for many generations and have been a major fundraising effort for small community groups throughout the years.

Some'one' however, complained about the 'gambling' aspect of the activities and how 'children' were being exposed to 'terrible' activities, such as bingo on the beach and the chance to win a cake at the cake wheel.

As a result, of course, the government stepped in to put a stop to such 'heinous crimes'!

Now, as a result, the town has halted the carnivals completely for 2011.  Why?  Because only two organizations expressed any interest at all in taking part.

What was once a tradition, what was once evenings of family fun on the beach and what was once a means of raising funds for small community groups ... is no longer.

It is unfortunate that those 'in authority' feel they have to 'kow-tow' to single individuals who aren't happy with whatever 'they' perceive as moral values.  There was also a time when 'someone' burned books because 'he' wanted control over what people read.  There is a saying what goes around, comes around ... it appears as though it is coming around again.

Once more, a long-standing tradition has gone the way of the proverbial 'do-do' ...  to the detriment of the erosion of innocent family values at the hand of government.

Again, I hope that the 'person' who complained is happy at achieving his/her goal ... the destruction of a tradition and the destruction of the opportunity for many community groups to raise funds locally.

We cannot however blame that one person took upon him/herself to control morality on the beach in the summer, it was also a time for the community to take a stand ... unfortunately, no one did. 

A very sad state of affairs indeed.


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Friday, June 03, 2011