Tree to be a living tribute to McDougalls

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Isobel McDougall holds a special plaque while surrounded by her family

An entire congregation pays homage to Reverend Bruce McDougall and Isobel

Revered Bob Johnston (L) leads the groups in a prayer at the tree planted in honour of the McDougalls

It would have been the Reverend Bruce McDougall's 86th birthday on Sunday, May 29th, as an entire congregation, family and friends stood before the tree planted in his and wife's Isobel's honour at Southampton United Church.

The McDougalls retired in Southampton after having vacationed in the town for more than 50 years.  Reverend McDougall, former Secretary of the United Church Hamilton Conference and a former lawyer, became Chaplain at the local hospital and nursing home after retirement.

Both he and his wife were very active in the community in their retirement and served on several church committees.

Bruce McDougall was also an accomplished musician, composer, photographer and author in his retirement. To read more about the McDougalls  Click here


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Isobel and Bruce McDougall

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Sunday, May 29, 2011