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The Saugeen Times strives to maintain an objective and unbiased viewpoint when reporting our hyper-local community based news.

Unfortunately, particularly when it comes to the many standard media releases from various organizations, including government parties, there are those that 'slip by us'.

One such recent article revolved around MPP Bill Murdoch of Bruce-Grey Owen Sound and his purported 'snubbing' of an Opposition Day vote in the Legislature.

According to a media release (by the opposition party)Murdoch's early departure from Queen's Park on Wednesday (May 13)was a 'deliberate snub' designed to miss the Opposition Day vote.

According to Murdoch however, he had to rush back home to attend a meeting in Owen Sound city council chambers with city and correctional officials regarding the proposed closing of the local jails in Grey and Bruce counties.

As the editor of the Saugeen Times, I ,too, attended the aforementioned meeting which, in fact, did include MPP Murdoch on the agenda as a speaker. Click here


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Wednesday, May 18, 2011