Ripley 4-H Sheep Club
off to a great start

By Emily Ernewein


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logoThe Ripley 4-H Sheep Club has begun another wonderful, full-of-fun year. 

The club's first meeting was held April 19 at Purple Grove. We started the meeting off with a 4-H bingo with names. You had to go around and meet new people in order to fill in a square. The goal was to get the most signatures on your sheet. 

After that, we went over things that are important when picking out a lamb. Leader Ann MacInnes handed out a couple of sheets that are required for the year.

Following the hand-outs, we held the election of officers. The president is Gregory Reid, vice-president is Ryan Hallam, and secretary and news reporter is Emily Ernewein. 

We also have a junior leader this year - Serena Lamont. We all hope for a great year of sheep 4-H.


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Wednesday, May 04, 2011