Meals on Wheels draws many comments


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The Question

Should rural local community hospitals continue providing volunteer driven, hot 'Meals on Wheels'?

Yes or No?


Yes 71.3%
No 28.7%

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This is a service that fulfills a need in our community.

Cut Cut Cut for us but send it all to disaster areas to help others? what is with that? lets look after our own first then maybe help others. Don't you think that would make a little more sense?

Definately not. This is more than  just a meal to some individuals. It  is the only ouside interaction that  some of them have with others. It is a  lifeline that many look forward to  everyday not just for the food but  aslo for the connection to another  person. For some this may be the only  person they see during a long day.

For 15 years I volunteered to deliver Meals on Wheels. It was a very gratifying experience. Just the look on the peoples faces was more thanks than enough. Will the decision making IDIOTS ever get it right? GWEW

If we allow this service to be  terminated then what happens to the  people who need this service. Will  they be forced into long term  care/nursing homes??? Are there alternative suggestions if  this service is terminated?

It absolutely should not stop! It should also be covered by social  services

Once again our fearless leaders wonder  where to cut corners. There are some  elderly people who still live on their  own but unable to cook for themselves.  The meal delivered once a day could be  their only hot meal. remember council  you may someday be in the position of  needing this service.

Pretty poor excuse to cut a program  just because other communities have  ended it!! Probably means the loss of  one or two jobs in the community too.

Sick people & elderly on their own do  not/cannot make themselves a healthy  meal. Proper diet important. This is  outpatient care. Cuts do not consider  people! Meals on Wheels also provides a  daily visit and someone to check on  people living alone. All of this can  keep someone from needing hospital  stays& live at home.

the poor souls who depend on this may  only see one visitor and it would be  the great volunteer who delivers their  dinner

These volunteers need more support from the community in order to keep providing a necessary service. The Town council should look at what they can do to help as well.

this is a great service that many  depend on for 1 hot meal a day

This is a priceless service for those  using itI would volunteer again this  summer for it I am sure other summer  residents like us would love to do  it. It is a great youth opportunity as  well.

This is a valuable service for the  aging population. I know that 20  years ago my mother benefited greatly  from having a hot meal delivered by  the wonderful volunteers.  Thanks  BS

This is another NO BRAINER!!!  Stupidit at it's best. CG

this is another takeaway from someone  who says they care about seniors and  those that need an amount of help

Yes they should continue. I agree that  people who make the decisions don't  understand what others on the *lower*  income bracket require. a little goes  along way to some people. Take some of  the "parking" fees you charge and put  it towards making a needy person  healthy!

YesYesYes We used the service last  Nov. and it was a god sent. We needed  them and they were there for us.









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Wednesday, May 11, 2011