Ripley 4-H square-dancing club swings into action


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It’s a new year of 4-H as the clubs are getting under way.

This year, Ripley has a square dancing club, with 16 members taking part for a bundle of fun. Leaders are Sharon Martin and Donna Bridge.

The club held its first meeting on April 1 at the Ripley-Huron Community School. Elections were held for the positions of club executive. The executive includes:: Julien B. as president, Rachael C. as vice-president, and Emily E. as secretary/press reporter. 

The club learned the basics of square dancing. The members looked as if they knew what they were doing by the end, as they dipped and dived and practised keeping their right hand highs and left hand lows!

The second meeting was held April 8. All the members enjoyed learning two new dances. 

The roll call for this meeting was to introduce a friend. Everyone partnered up and learned new things each didn’t all ready know about the other person. Then the club members shared with all what they had learned about the other person. 

Sam Finnie then showed everyone how to do “Birdie in the Cage” and “Duck for the Oyster.”



The third meeting was on April 15,  and the big idea was to experience what it’s like to be the caller. Everyone had a chance to take a break and be the boss with the microphone, telling the dancers what to do next. 

The members again learned two new dances. These dances focused on listening to the calls very clearly. They had an amazing time and look forward to every meeting. A special thanks to Sam and Heather Finnie for showing and teaching the club how to square dance - it has been a blast!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011