Cruisers Night draws many comments


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The Question

Do you think that Cruisers Night should be moved from the Cenotaph location?

Yes or No?


Yes 15.8%
No 84.2%

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A big NO! People are used to the cruise  at the cenotaph and go for the  sunset, moving it will take away from  the money raised for the hospital.


ABSOLUTELY NOT and I would  be 'disgusted' with Council for  considering! Cruiser's Night is  a 'FAMILY* event. It is in the  perfect 'public' place and attracts  multiple families friends and  showcases the beauty of Saugeen  Shores. The 'concerns' of only a few  should be addressed rather than moving  the event.

Absolutely not it's raised a lot of  money in that location. It's always  been there why move it because of a  select few want it moved?

Absolutely NOT! 3 hrs once per week  should not disrupt anyone for the  amount of good it brings the Hospital  and town. It is already in an ideal  location.

As long as a suitable alternative can  be decided on without offending two  or three other people.

Why change a great event that raises  money for our hosp. plus brings dollars  to our merchants  It is held in a  beautiful PUBLIC setting that all  enjoy.t hose opposed are selfish and  small minded

 Definilty Not!

Residents should not be annoyed by this  event. They should be able to enjoy  their own home and property. Time to  move this event to an area suited for  it such as the Coliseum parking lot.

By the Flag is the  perfect place it's a great setting for it

Great atmosphere where  it is and out of the way... not  blocking main traffic... they are doing  a good job and raising money for  charity.. keep it there!

This is someone's joke  right. Remember the money is going to  the hospital. It is the right place  for it.

This location seems to  be the best spot although the noise  level etc. probably needs to be  monitored more closely.

Yes it should be moved.  Port Elgin beach would be a better  location where they are used to noise  in the summer. Tired of the sound of  all the screeching tires when they  leave at 9:00 p.m.

What a shame to destroy a fine  Southampton institution. because of  two  or three  selfish homeowners. How sad

)As long as it brings in money to help out the hospital  it should remain in the center of town where it is most

Will we move Canada Day celebrations  next?

 It is a residential area supposedly protected by town  zoning bylaws. If you are not sure how to vote ask  yourself "Would you like this in front of your own  home?"

Couldn't make much sense of Gary  Brown's response to this question  a  true politician already...the  residents at the end of High St  deserve a break. Relocating Cruiser  Night to Victoria St in front of the  museum would draw attention to the  museum without adversely impacting the  revenue generated from Cruiser night.

Cruisers night is a main stay of a  summer evening in Southampton and a  fantastic fund raiser for our  hospital. When you live by a public  beach people will come.

Cruiser's Night should NOT be moved!  This person needs some tolerance for  an excellent event that takes place once a week for 3 hours over the  summer months and has donated  thousands of dollars to our local  hospital over the years!! As a  participant I have never witnessed  what the letter writer has described.  Visit a friend on Thursdays.

Cruiser's Night was a part of High St. in Southampton when Mary Putnam and  her family purchased the property from  her mother who had lived there long  before. If Cruiser's night was a  concern the Ms. Putnam should have not  purchased the property. Go Cruiser's  Go! Gary  hopefully this is  considered a petition if not please  get one going and we will be happy to  sign up!

Cruizers is part of the "summer in  Southampton" many people come from all  over the area to view these vehicles  and socialize. If someone built a home  near the cenotaph then they knew what  they were getting into!! leave it  alone!!!!

Definitely NO. Why now if one has lived in close  vicinity for some time??? Otherwise if recent ...one should have  looked around carefully.  Always caps me when folks near  airports complain about flight paths  when they have just bought a house  under them!!!!!!!!!! Chris Gable.

Don't move it  leave well enough  alone. The hospital benefits and that  in turn benefits us.

Financial gain to your town should  weigh heavily on your decision to move  the location  your tourists/residents  love the "traditional location" after  all this time  DO NOT MOVE

For heavens sake do people have to  complain about everything?? Leave it  alone. The Car show is in a great spot in a great little town. One night a  week through the week is not too much  to ask. Even people who have grumbled  about the Car Show have proudly  accepted their share of the 50/50  draw!!!

Has been in same location for many years and donates needed money to  hospital leave it where it is and suck  it up neighbours or go back to the  area you came from

Hope this is an official petition if  not let's get one going! No it should  not move.

I agree with the person who said move  too many people who recently moved to  Southampton think they should have all  the say not the forefathers. Next they  will want the hospital moved.

I bet the same people who are whining  about Cruisers Night are whining about  the new street signs. Both Cruisers  and the signs should stay as they are  now. The whiners should go!

I can't think of a better place to  show the character of Southampton and to bring people together in a  collegial way.

I don't know where though. That is up  for discussion.

If Cruiser's is moved from its current  location it loses its "Tourist  draw". It is such a GREAT atmosphere  and picturesque. All proceeds go to a  great cause and there really isn't  another location that will have the  same overall impact for everyone  involved.

If people who take part in the event  misbehave then a better way to police  the event is needed.

If you did what every newbie wanted we would have  nothing in this town and I have lived here for 49  years.

Is is fine exactly where it is. This  sounds to me like the resident who  doesn't want road hockey played in  front of their house.

It doesn't matter where it is would still go....so yes  put it anywhere

As an ex law enforcement  person, I've not seen a better run event of this kind.  It's families, tourists, old folks and strollers. Leave it alone

It is a great event but has gotten  too big for its present location.

It is a great location where it is.  People like it there.

It is an established location  and  always seems well monitored. Perhaps  the complainer should consider the  value of the present site and the  benefits to the hospital.

It s the perfect place except it must  be an nuisance for the neighbours

It should be closer to the merchants  to support local businesses. It would  be fabulous if the participants would  shop locally too!

It should remain as is. The economic  impact and fundraising for the  Hospital is large. It takes a great  number of volunteers.

It's an amazing fundraiser for the  local hospitals  which we all benefit  from whether a cottager or year round  resident. If it were moved it would  lose its profile and would not be as  successful.

It's in the best location it could possibly be in.

Just because somebody builds a house there and  doesn't like it; doesn't mean they can change the rules.

Just read a letter from Mary and  although I sympathize with her  situation it doesn't mean that  cruizers night should be moved. Other  local people in town might not want to  have fireworks because of noise but it  still happens. It is only a couple of  months in the summer. Suck it up!!!

Leave things like they are. Pull down  the blinds if you don't like looking  and wear your ipods.

Make sure there is a time limit ex 6  to 9 and done 50 50 over at  exactly 9 pm. the funds raised are  for the hospital do the complainers  not use this hospital

Maybe this narrow minded person should  leave.

More small town crap...................

Move the barriers further up the  street. Let's have room for all the  people who want to participate. This  is one of the coolest cruise night  locations I have ever been to. Not to mention that it is a charity event 

Near the beach: view of sunsets ;lots  of room and only one night per week  in the summer. You all receive the  benefit of a well supported  hospital. helped by cruisers cruise  night donations

No issue at all with cruiser night but  believe it should be in a commercial  area not a residential one. Sarah

No way it should move the bellyacher  should move

No. it is in the perfect location.

Not surprising why would something  that benefits all people in our area be  good. May as well cancel pumpkinfest, fireworks craftshow. Wake up people  suck it up and enjoy

One block closer to the business  section would make sense. If I owned a  home in the middle of that Thrus night  event I'd at least want my taxes  reduced.

One person's complaints should NOT  dictate a move. Her complaints can be  resolved sensibly and complaining on  behalf of her mother is ridiculous as  her mother moved away from that house as few years ago!

Safe viewing for pedestrians as well  attracting the public to stroll in our  beautiful downtown area. Leave  Cruisers night please !

Since Cruiser's Night is a long time tourist attraction that compliments the flag and other activities around the entrance to the beach and supports our hospital it should stay where it is!

Southampton Thursday Night at the Flag  and Cruiser's Night just fit together.  Don't change it! Another location  could result in less money being raised  for the Hospital since attendance would  likely be less.

Southampton is turning into a bunch of  SNOBS! They're always complaining  about something! Find something  better to do with your time perhaps you could contribute to the community  rather than complaining! This event  has raised thousands of dollars for  the community hospital. Kudos to Gary  Brown!

Stop your bloody whinning!!!!!!!!!!

The cenotaph is a place of remembrance  for all of our fallen soldiers.  Especially those who we have recently  lost in Afghanistan. Not a place for  the rich with their expensive toys!

The Cenotaph is the ideal location  for "Cruiser's Night". It is only for  a few hours one night a week for 4  months. It raises a ton of much needed  $'s for our much needed hospital. Leave it alone!

The Cruise Night raises much needed  money for the Hospital that we all  might need to use, including the people  who live near it.

The Cruisers Night is perfectly located at the foot of High Street is  and institution of great value to  Saugeen Shores and foremost to the  local Hospital Do not move it because  of narrow personal objections by a few  people who knew it was there when they  moved to the foot of High Street.

The Cruiser's Night location is perfect  has been for years. It is good for the Town and really good for our little hospital fundraising efforts. If a homeowner is upset by their driveway being blocked  call the bylaw officer?

The family needs to move. They new  Cruisers Night was there when they  purchased the property from their  mother. Also complained about the new  Beach sign on their property  that has  been moved to appease them too!

The good that Gary Brown and his  volunteers have done donating to our  hospital and putting  Southampton "UNDER THE FLAG" on the  must see map far outweighs complaints that I'm sure could be mediated by the  complainants and the event coordinators. Keep up the good work  Cruiser.

The local home owners should remember  that its PUBLIC PROPERTY. Tom Elliott

The location is a perfect setting for  a summer's night charity event  and  as a bonus gives townsfolk and  visitors alike a chance to see and  honour the names of all who sacrificed  for their freedom and right to  assemble. Cruise Night is a plus.

The present location allows plenty of  parking for participants and  spectators. Allows for taking a walk  on the beach taking in the sunset  shopping and window shopping. Supports the SOUTHAMPTON Hospital so needs to  be in SOUTHAMPTON.

The Southampton beach, the large flag  and the support of the local people  and visitor make the car owners feel so  welcome to Southampton

The suggestion should be given more respectful  consideration. A move to the business sections of High Street either to the east or west of the highway might  increase local business. It seems parochial and  narrowminded to reject it out of hand.

The uniqueness of this Cruise Night is  it's location. You can visit a parking  lot location anywhere. To move this  event will kill it.

The weekly car show could be moved to  the commercial core from Grosvenor St  to Victoria St primarily impacting  businesses. The concerns expressed by  owners in the residential area should  be respected. Highway traffic could  continue at the lights.

This brings a lot of business to our  community we would be crazy to move  it somewhere else.

This is a good night out and it is  at the right area of the town. from a  6 month summer res.

This is the best place .You can go  from beach to cars to uptown very good  for the stores also )

This should be a NON ISSUE. I am  astounded that the business community  has said nothing at all. What a shame.  These are the business people who want  you to shop local. This is a tremendous  impact for the Hospital and businesses. This is absolutely stupid to be  brought up. No way should we cater to  a handfull of people or less. Let them get real.

Tourists would not know where to go.  Also where can you get a better view  of a sunset while enjoying the  outdoors and looking at the old cars  meeting friends and buying 50/50  tickets to help support the local  hospital.

Typical. Not In My Backyard.... Does not the sunset  cause people to walk to the beach too??? What about  children playing on the beach?? Should we move that  too?

We all appreciate the money that is raised to keep our LOCAL hospital stay  open. Those who oppose to it may miss out on the LOCAL hospital if funds are  not raised. Thanks Gary and all the  volunteers!

We look forward to it every Thursday &  it would cause confusion if it was  moved.

What next???? The Friday nite Piper?? Cruiser's Night has been at this  location 15 years raised many dollars  for our hospital and is enjoyed by  many people especially our summer  visitors.

What's the reasoning and where would  the new location be? Is port Elgin  after something that Southampton has  and is successful ? lol

Where else could they go to make the  tourist happy ??????

Why change what works and works well.  It's part of Southampton's charm!!

Yes it should it's tacky anyways

You say in your letter to relocate  please do relocate goodbye


*Please note we remove duplicate votes from the same source.  It's a waste of time voting more than once.  If you have a  longer comment than 400 characters, Please email us with your extended comment..







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