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If you are not paying attention to this, you are missing the direction of human thought.

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The tremendous impact of the Internet has created a super-brain of collaboration.  It is evident in software development where so called 'open source code' development takes place on a grand scale.

As we have written, it is kind of a 'wild west' of development.  It is much like building a boat with thousands of people giving advice.  Some of the advice is good and some  awful.  Also, too many cooks spoil the soup.

It does, however, show what can be done when one happens to find the proper thread to pull and tug on with tentative fingers.  They are in fact called development threads where many suggest and learn from others.

Problems abound in that the language difficulties of world-wide development are tough to overcome.  English is the lingua franca of the Internet collaboration, but the quality of discourse is hampered by the lack of organization and especially quality control.  Precise is hard to find in both questions and solutions.

If, however, you are patient enough, you may be able to find a solution to your problems or state a problem in such a way that others will take note of it and produce a general solution.

To get a better idea of what collaborative science is all about, please take a look at the short 16 minute Waterloo Ted lecture which is embedded below:


If you want to watch the full window version of this lecture, click on the expansion icon on the far right of the above YouTube window.  To return to regular size, hit the escape button on your keyboard.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011