Kincardine Pathfinders, Rangers, Guide survive cold camp


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Surviving camp are Guider Liz Dadson (L), Rangers Christiane Ritter and Rebecca Dadson, Pathfinder Shoshana Jarvis, Guide Monica Weichert, Pathfinders Natalie Potter and Kaleigh Murphy-Burton, and Guider Alicia Noakes. photo by Nick Ritter

It was a cold weekend for spring camp as the Kincardine Pathfinders, Rangers, Guide and their leaders stowed their gear in the yurts at MacGregor Point Park, south of Port Elgin, on the weekend (March 25-27).

While the canvas yurts were warm for sleeping, the cold, breezy temperature outside made it a matter of survival when making a campfire, cooking the meals, and "enjoying" them in the great outdoors.

The girls warmed up by hiking to the Visitors' Centre and feeding the birds. They also went on a treasure hunt, made Mardi Gras masks and other crafts, and held a campfire on the Friday night. It was too cold Saturday night for a campfire.

One major highlight of the weekend was the "Monk's Meal" held Saturday. The object was to silently eat your meal; for every utterance, you lost a utensil. One Pathfinder chattered so much she lost all her utensils and had to improvise in order to eat her meal.

Everyone survived and was glad to pile into their warm cars Sunday afternoon and head home.


Shoshana Jarvis (L), Kaleigh Murphy-Burton and Natalie Potter cook breakfast


Christiane Ritter (L) and Rebecca Dadson mind the campfire


Shoshana Jarvis (R) chows down during the "Monk's Meal" while Kaleigh Murphy-Burton (L) and Natalie Potter "quietly" watch

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Thursday, March 31, 2011