It's official ... Doug Lein is retired

April 28, 2014

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The Lein Clan

(L)Joan Lein (sister) Doug Lein (man of the hour), son Matt, daughter Sarah (standing) with husband Matthew Cardases, Kathy Lein (wife seated) and step-daughter Vicki Little

Port Elgin Legion was filled to capacity in an outpouring of respect

Doug Lein demonstrates his "romantic" side as he explains the meanings of the roses he presented to wife, Kathy


Doug and Kathy Lein


A special keepsake of Lein's favourite team was presented by Adam Sach on behalf of his co-workers

(L-R) Vicki Little, Kathy Lein (Doug's wife), sisters in-law Carol McComb and Susan Conn


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Chief Dan Rivett, Doug Lein and Vicki Little

A special cake made by Mary Ellen Harrigan of Harrigan's Hundred Mile Market in Southampton

Emcee Andy Stewart had some ... interesting tales to tell about the Guest of Honour!




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Tuesday, April 29, 2014