GEMS Science Camp held during March Break


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Rafia Waraich (R) and Sudduf Wyne hand out string and ultraviolet beads for the girls to make bracelets at the GEMS Science Camp Wednesday afternoon at the Bruce Power Visitors' Centre

Twenty-five girls in Grades 4-6, learned about a variety of scientific subjects at the Girls Engineering Math Science (GEMS) Camp held Wednesday and Thursday at the Bruce Power Visitors' Centre.

Conducted by Sudduf Wyne and Rafia Waraich, the camp included the science of tie-dying, dry-ice experiments, ultraviolet (UV) bead bracelets, making soap, and much more.

Wednesday afternoon, the girls learned about the harsh UV rays and how sunscreen with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) can protect their skin from these rays.

They used UV beads, along with normal beads, to make bracelets. Then, they put their bracelets in the sunshine and watched the UV beads turn from white to different colors. Back in the dark, the UV beads turn white again.

The GEMS Camp is a program of The Bruce Women in Nuclear (WiN).


Madison Wheeler, 9, of Port Elgin holds up a bag of blue UV beads


Sarah Babb, 10, of Port Elgin creates a bracelet


Mikaela Dore, 11, of Paisley makes a bracelet


Amber Splettstoesser (L), 9, of Kincardine and Katie Voskamp, 10, of Tiverton hold up a bag of UV beads that has turned orange in the sun


Priya Kalra, 11, of Kincardine strings beads to make a bracelet


Sarah Chaddock, 9, of Walkerton holds her bracelet to a UV light to see the beads change colour

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Saturday, March 19, 2011