Spring in Canada ... a time of ups and downs


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It appears to be a small lake ... it is really a wet field after rapid snow melt and rain along Highway 21 in Bruce County

According to all the 'experts', this spring in Ontario is going to be unusually cool and wet, but it depends on your definition of spring.

When driving through Bruce County, it appears that the wet side definitely applies.  On every highway and concession road, the fields are filled with water, creating what appear to be 'mini-lakes'.

While it is still March and early in the year, and with 'official spring' only a couple of days away, everyone is anxious for warmer temperatures.

The Farmers' Almanac however, predicts that March and April will be wet and cool with things improving in May ... sounds familiar. 

Temperatures have been fluctuating from balmy and sunny to cold and damp.

It's a typical Canadian spring shaping up by the looks of things with possible snow flurries still in the air.


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Friday, March 18, 2011