Spring Elections


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The Question

Do you think Canada should have a spring election?

Yes or No?


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Yes 26.7%
No 73.3%

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A complete waste of my money it don t matter who gets in they look after # 1 enough to make me puke Lorne

As much as I dislike the present  government I think its a total waist  of money to have an election at this  time. Non of the other parties really  have a strong leader or platforms ..  again at this time.

But only if the Conservatives are  strong enough to win a majority!

For Sure

if we had an election  it WOULD give us a chance to get rid  of that Harper sub human

 A minorety government keeps the  Conservatives in check

Doesn't matter what group of crooks are in power they do what they want. Till they are liable for the platforms we vote them in on I shall not waste my time and vote anymore. Politics are a joke.

Elections don't seem to be effective.  Governments change hands and very  little changes.

Harper the dictator has to go!

Harper is treating his monority as a  majority and te opposition parties are  going along with it. Get in a  coalition.

If you think that the Liberals would do better you are dreaming. Why did we vote in the Conservatives to  begin with?

it would be a waste of taxpayers time  and money!!

It would help to shut the mouths of the Liberal party. As they continue to flounder they make the case for another Tory MAJORITY

It's time we had a new government.

I've always believed elected  govenments should be mandated to run  their full term instead of picking  when they believe is a favourable time  to to have a another election. Why  should we waste our time & millions of  dollars of tax payers money on  elections chosen by politicians  instead of the electorate?

No No No! How much better do you  expect our economy to be during a  recession? We are an good example to  the world!

No because minority governments work better. They are kept in check and can lose power if they try to do something radical like the *Green Energy Act* the Ontario government forced on us.

Not provincially or federally but if  council continues it's current path of  increasing fees (e.g. bag tags)  because it is not an election year it  wouldn't be such a bad idea to look  into forcing another municipal  election.

Not unless ALL candidates pay for the  WHOLE expense FROM their own pockets.

Nothing would change. An election is  the only time we get a voice. Once in  power the politicians do whatever  they want to do and it usually ends up  in costing us money.

Please please please let the government govern!  Our elections should occur every four years NOT  when politicians think the time is most opportunistic.

Probably nothing would change and we  seem to be doing okay anyway.

so far things are going well for the  country compard to almost every other  one in the news lateley including our  friends to the south.

The election call would only be to  satisfy politician's egos.....We do  not need one now. Whatever happened  to Harper's *election every 4 years*  pledge?

We need a majority government in power to get some stability and present Canada to the world as a unified country in which is a good place to do business.

Why to just spend spend

Why spend millions of the tax dollars and end up with the same thing. If people are inclined towards spending a large sum of tax money my vote is to put it towards housing and food for those in need.


Would not result in a MAJORITY  PARLIAMENT at this time let the  present one continue...things WILL  IMPROVE when the USA and the World  gets their acts in order! It would be a GREAT WASTE OF  $$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chris Gable

Yes. Harper has to go. Time for red to  take over and clean up the mess.


*Please note we remove duplicate votes from the same source.  It's a waste of time voting more than once.  If you have a  longer comment than 400 characters, Please email us with your extended comment..







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Friday, March 18, 2011