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Samantha Stewart-Ault (L) and Kerri Rice (R), Grade 8 students at Kincardine Township-Tiverton Public School, explain their project, "Remove the Lies; Protect Your Eyes," to Kincardine mayor Larry Kraemer, one of the judges at the school science fair held Wednesday

Kincardine Township-Tiverton Public School hosted its science fair Wednesday, with several judges checking out the projects and discussing them with the students.

The projects selected to represent the school at the regional science fair are:

Juniors (Wednesday, April 13):

  • Vivien Adler, "How to Make Crystals"
  • Edwin Byle, "Is Bounty the Quicker Picker-Upper?"
  • Lily Freiburger, "Caring for Braces"
  • Ethan French, "Lemon Power"
  • Dyllan Mooser, "Fling That Thing"
  • Bradley Robertson, "Tooth Decay"
  • Julia Sweet, "Honey Bees"
  • Ryan Thede, "Potato Power/Lemon Power"

Intermediates (Wednesday, April 6):

  • Natasha Adler, Effects of Acid and Alkali on Different Materials"
  • Halley Byle, "Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite"
  • Sara Geddes, "Sun-Heat Pop"
  • Daniel Jedemann, "Battle of the Bulbs"
  • Danielle McBride, "Windmills Blow Me Away!"
  • Connor Mooser, "Can Seeds Be Brown Where Salt is Thrown?"
  • Adam Stewart, "Taking Charge"

Judges' Choice awards went to the following:


  • Vivien Adler
  • Edwin Byle
  • Lily Freiburger
  • Ethan French
  • Dyllan Mooser
  • Bradley Robertson
  • Julia Sweet
  • Ryan Thede

  • Natasha Adler
  • Halley Byle
  • Sara Geddes
  • Daniel Jedemann
  • Danielle McBride
  • Connor Mooser
  • Jayden Shelton, "A Sticky Situation: Hairspray"
  • Adam Stewart
  • Taarna Taylor, "Salty Salt"



Julia Sweet (R), Grade 5, explains her project about "Honey Bees" to judge Jan Johnstone, trustee with the Bluewater District School Board


Cassie Wall (L), Grade 7, discusses her project, "Waterproof or Water Spoof," with judge Dorothy McKegney, a former teacher

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Thursday, March 10, 2011