Port Elgin Senior Scouts
camp in Holyrood


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Port Elgin Scouts Connor Cobean (L), Geoffrey Dadson, William Wright and Gregory Dadson work on their shelter at the Senior Scout camp held in Holyrood Feb. 18-20

The Port Elgin Senior Scouts had a lot on their agenda during their camp held in Holyrood Feb. 18-20.

The main focus was to build a winter shelter in which they were to sleep on the Saturday night. However, they could not stay out in the shelter because coyotes had been sighted in the area.

The remainder of the camp saw the Scouts reviewing the requirements for their Chief Scouter Award, learning to identify trees, and doing some snowshoeing.

Joining Scouters Doug Bastien and David Dadson at the camp were Scouts Connor Cobean, Geoffrey Dadson, William Wright and Gregory Dadson.


Scouter Doug Bastien (L) and Scouts Geoffrey Dadson and Connor Cobean wait for the others to join them before continuing their snowshoeing trek


William Wright (L) and Gregory Dadson snowshoe up the hill
photos by David Dadson


Gregory Dadson identifies one of the trees in the bush

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013