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Living in an area where the economy is fuelled by a major nuclear energy site, people can be, and in many cases are, de-sensitized to the issue of 'life in poverty'.

Even the global recession seems to have skirted Bruce County but the underlying issue of poverty for many is there.  Affordable housing has become paramount in an area where escalating housing prices and rental costs continue to make finding affordable accommodation extremely difficult for those who work for minimum wage or on a fixed income.

Throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa, we watch as despots are deposed and young people rise up in frustration.  While the loftier ideal is to think that the people want democracy, it may be more out of economic frustration. 

Thanks to global communication through social network media, people in areas of the world with living standards they once considered 'normal', have now become frustrated and intolerant of their way of life.

While in the west it seems to be all about democracy, it appears that the domino affect throughout the Middle East is far more complex than just wanting the 'right to vote' in a free election. 

Free elections are fine but having enough food to eat is primary to existence and, for many of those rising up against tyranny, it is about providing their families with enough food and the necessities of life.

While the economic troubles of 'other countries' may seem distant, there are those who are feeling the economic woes here at home.

For those who aren't living within the world of poverty, why not take a test and see if you even could by going to the following site:  http://dothemath.thestop.org/survey1.php?return

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011