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Saugeen First Nation is holding a unique camp for women during the week of July 11 - 15, 2011.

The exclusive five-day self-discovery journey will be held at Saugeen First Nation and Manitoulin Island and will be limited to 15 women (must be over 18).

The unique experience will feature a 'Sweetgrass Smudge' and guidance in how to tap into your Spiritual Conscience through meditation and contemplation.  The nights will be spent in a traditional tipi on-site with a 'Sunrise Ceremony' at daybreak.

During the day, participants will learn how to make such traditional items as hand-drums, moccassins, a  choker and a Diamond Willow walking stick.

From Saugeen First Nation on the shore of Lake Huron, the group will travel to Tobermory to board the Chi-Cheemaun ferry to Manitoulin Island.

On day four at the Island, participants will go to 'Dreamer's Rock' and an ancient native site and learn how to make a sacred bundle while learning traditional teachings.  During the day, the group will also have the opportunity to visit the Ojibway Cultural Centre, the ancient Ojibway Church, Medicine Lodge and craft shops and, then, that night will take part in the 'Full Moon Celebration'.

Back at Saugeen on the final day, the group will take part in a 'Sweetgrass Smudge' and drum birthing before the Friendship Circle and a final traditional Feast that will end the retreat.

Storyteller, Priscilla Yellowhead Tobey

The unique retreat will be lead by First Nation's renowned storyteller, Priscilla Yellowhead Tobey. The cost for the five-day retreat is $650. (excluding Ferry costs).


Priscilla Yellowhead Tobey

With participation limited to 15 women, early registration is recommended. 

For more information,  phone 519-797-3092 or email: yellowheadtobey2@hotmail.com

or go to Saugeen Cultural Programming


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