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Sometimes it takes something as simple as a letter to the editor and a suggestion by a reader to remind us of why we are here.

The Saugeen Times was started three years ago not only based on the concept of providing hyper-local, community based news but also of providing a service to the community.

A 'summer resident' recently wrote a letter to us about the new 'Recycling Program'  being implemented by the Town and we neglected to provide him with the information that he needed, for various reasons.

A regular reader and retired 'newsprint' editor chastised us for not responding in a helpful manner ... and quite rightly.  Therefore, we are taking the opportunity now to hopefully make amends.

For all our summer readers, and anyone else who may be curious as to the new recycling program, and for full contact information, please go to:




As we head into our third year of operation, we look forward to continuing our coverage of local events and news and receiving comments and suggestions from our readers.

Sandy Lindsay,


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Thursday, January 06, 2011