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The Question

Do you shop local for Christmas?

Yes or No?


Yes 84.3%
No 15.7%

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Absolutely  I love our merchants on  the Main Street.

absolutely yes!


at the small local businesses.

if possible to buy it locally I do.  Some times it is not possible.

WE have to keep our local businesses  alive. Anything we need to give can be  found here!

at least 75 to 80  percent of the time.

We buy as much as  possible in Port Elgin and  Southampton. I value our retail  opportunities and want our stores to  continue to stay in business. If we  don't keep our stores here and buy at  regular prices they can't continue to  stay around. It is a privilege to have  choices. Buy less but buy quality.

Click here and enter 400 characters or  less I shopped for an item at Jonnet  Sound it was a heavy item for my  husband. The man said he would deliver it to my  home after work & he did right into the house. Service above & beyond & it  will be a great surprise. Thank you. Iris Bowers .Southampton

for everything I can especially  hostess gifts at the hospital gift  shop

I always shop locally first but admit  that I go out of town as well to other  I shop locally first but admit I  check out other favourite unique  shops in the area for Christmas  shopping. I shop locally as much as I  can.    

I love shopping in Southampton and  Port Elgin I finished all my  Christmas shopping yesterday and got  great deals and very friendly  service...

I only shop locally or online when not available in town.

I shop as much as I can locally but  there are some things you just can't  find so you have to go elsewhere.

I shop local as much as possible but  sometimes I have no choice as the item  is not available locally.

I shop locally except when I absolutely cannot find what I am looking for or when store hours are not consistent and coordinated across the town.

I shop locally when possible. This is  not always the case but I do try here  before going elsewhere.

I try and shop locally as much as  possible. However find it difficult when even in Christmas week our local  stores are closed by 5:30.

I try to do as much shopping in Saugeen Shores as possible. The only  time I would go elsewhere is if the  item couldn't be found locally.

If we are to sustain life in the area  we need to support our local  merchants. They are our neighbours  and our friends not strangers as are  those in other cities.

If you do not give local merchants our  business they will not be here when we  want/need them! so support your  neighbours...

It's important to shop local  particularly from owners who buy/create local as well. This way the money moves around our community instead of getting siphoned off around the world!

Not always have I shopped locally. Many  of times I see something I would like  to purchase only to be told go to Owen  Sound or Hanover

Since moving to Saugeen Shores 10 years  ago I have done all my Christmas  shopping here  there is a wide  assortment of merchandise and prices.

Some local and some out of town

The stores in Southampton/Port Elgin  (Saugeen Shores) would have to be  opened past 6pm to allow for  shift workers to shop locally. Less  than a week before Christmas and the  smaller stores are closed which only  leaves box stores to shop in.

There should be a third option in the  survey for *both*. I do shop LOCALLY  but only when price/quality is  available. Often it isn't and a trip  to the city is required.

Yes but only for the items available  and competitively priced. Shopping  from the computer chair is really easy.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010