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The Saugeen and Kincardine Times surveys are fun to do and watch.  We now have done many of them.

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Controversial issues tend to bring out strong opinions in people as can be seen from their comments.  For example, the no voters on the sewer expansion project in Southampton had very strong comments, but were out voted. 64.69% to 32.71% in the broader community.  See the results and comments:


Town Council Sewer Issue Results  

We got a lot of comments as many voters took the time to air their opinions on sewers.

The latest survey in Saugeen Shores concerned doctors working in emergency as part of their contract.  The public was overwhelming in their response on the yes side, but the comments were very few.  This issue is not controversial so people feel it is self evident that it should be part of a new doctors obligation.  The importance of the issue is recognized.  It may not be clear how hard people have worked to keep them open, however.  See the results and comments


Survey Results  Should newly recruited doctors have to agree to work a specified number of hours in local hospital emergency rooms?  Read More

Of course the issue is more complicated than at first glance because of qualifications, experience and mentoring of new doctors.  The bare facts are that some new doctors are not qualified doing emergency and need training, while others just don't want to do it because of things like family issues.

Surveys are always imprecise, but they are a good indicator of public trends and we think they are a public service.

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Sunday, December 05, 2010