Dry Stone Walling Course/Certification Day

May 24, 25, 26, 2014.

Southampton Ontario!!

First Nations

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Saugeen First Nation #29 Stone Amphitheatre Project is pleased to announce that we will be having Andrew Loudon Master Craftsman and Chief Examiner for the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain, and Canada's own Dean McLellan Master Craftsman teaching an introductory dry stone walling course May 24th and 25th, 2014!

Dean McLellan

Interested stone wallers, enthusiasts, landscapers and masons can learn the fundamentals of the craft over two days. And for those interested can attempt their Level 1 certification on the Monday.

We begin the workshop with a brief introduction and walk through of a wall and then it's hands on from there!

All components of a dry stone wall are covered, from batter frames, base stones, through stones and coping! After the course students will have the ability to readily identify properly built walls and understand the considerations in their construction.

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Lunches are provided as well as coffee and treats. A lecture night on Saturday, May 25th is planned as well to allow students to witness some of the great walling projects going on worldwide!

The course is located in the heart of Saugeen First Nation #29 just north of Southampton and overlooking the beautiful Saugeen river valley. The finished wall will be a major component of the unique, rare and massive dry stone Amphitheatre located on site! 

To read more about the unique historic site go to:

Mammoth Stone Project  or  ....

Saugeen Amphitheatre Click Here

Course fee is 300$ with lunches and treats (we’re working on T-shirts). The certification day is a separate event on  Monday, May 26th.

For more information please contact Dean McLellan at:

hlmasonry@ehtel.ca  OR 519 321 1586





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