GIRLS Science Club learns about safe cycling
By Cheryl Cottrill


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Kendra Anstey (L) of St. Anthony's School in Kincardine, Kaitlin Ferguson of Port Elgin Saugeen Central, Priyanka Calra of Huron Heights in Kincardine, and Catherine Hazzard of St. Anthony's in Kincardine, clean and lube the chain, and do a general clean-up of the bike. photos by Cheryl Cottrill

Twelve girls participated in the Girls In Real Life Sciences (GIRLS) Club event Friday at the Bruce Power Visitors' Centre.

This time, the club learned about Safe Cycling, Save Lives, led by Laura Robinson, a former member of Canada's Cycling Team and local author of "Cyclist Bike List, the Book for Every  Rider."

Brett Martin of Martin's Bicycle Shop in Southampton helped out by showing the girls the mechanics of the drive-train, how to clean and lube a chain and how to put the chain back on should it fall off during their ride. 

Robinson spoke to the girls about nutrition and how foods provide fuel for your body while cycling, how the mechanics of a bike frame use angles to provide for a comfortable ride, how bio-mechanics are used to size the bike, how aerodynamics are used to ride faster while racing and how ratios are used to determine which gear is appropriate for cycling. 

The girls learned a great deal about the science and math used in everyday cycling and how important it is to maintain their bikes for optimum cycling. Each of the girls received a copy of Robinson's book to help her apply the techniques learned in the session.

The next GIRLS Science Club will be held Jan. 14, 2011, and will focus on the science behind First Aid.



Brett Martin (R) of Martin's Bicycle Shop in Southampton shows Kat Ferguson (L) of Port Elgin Saugeen Central School, how to clean and lube a bike chain, while Keira Hazzard of St. Anthony's School in Kincardine, watches

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Saturday, November 13, 2010