Letters from Scotland
By Jonathon Farrell


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This has been a really enjoyable week for me - spending it in Norway with friends. It was very relaxing, although some would have thought it was a little too quiet. 

The family was away in the daytime, leaving me alone in the house. So I slept in every morning, then had some food and just played games or watched TV until they got home. Then we made some kind of food for supper (sometimes this was my job alone, cooking Norwegian food with ingredients I didn't recognize and a recipe I couldn't read!). But they turned out okay anyway. 

When they got home, we would play games and watch movies and such, just taking it easy. In the afternoons it was my job to feed the cows, which was a really easy thing for an old pro like me! Just had to roll a bale of hay down a hill into their feeder. We also dealt with their sheep which had to be moved to another pasture because the rams in adjacent pastures were fighting through the fence. 

Some days we would go grocery shopping, looking through aisles of food I did not know and being told to pick out anything I wanted. So we had lots of Walthers Mandler chocolate, probably the best stuff ever. 

It was a great relaxing week, just what I needed. So on Friday I got back to St Andrews, and was quickly filled in on all the gossip that had taken place while I was gone. People have slowly been trickling back here, after spending their Reading Weeks anywhere and everywhere. Some stayed here, some went to the United States, some to Morocco, and some even took part in the riots in London! 

Since then, we have just hung out with each other and tried to prepare ourselves to live on hall food again - not an easy job! So now we are all back, and classes are up and running again. And I have a lot of work to do before the 9th of December, so the next few E-mails may not have much action in them! 

Attached are some pictures from the house where I stayed and the hotel we were last weekend.


Other shots of Norway by Jonathon Farrell



Jonathon Farrell, son of Geoff and Sandra Farrell of Huron-Kinloss, is studying at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland this school year, through a student exchange program at Queen's University, Kingston, where he is a third-year student.


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Monday, November 15, 2010