The New Trail Name


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The Question

Please vote for the name of the new trail. Pick one:

Chantry View Trail
Chantry View Lakeshore Trail
Chantry View Shoreline Trail


Chantry View Trail 60.25%
Chantry View Lakeshore Trail 10.56%
Chantry View Shoreline Trail 29.91%

Here are some of the comments, but not all:

 Chantry View Trail  the other two are getting almost too wordy  One of the best things that has come to our community  good job and congratulations to our community for the insight and than to getting it done

*Chantry View Trail* is short and to  the point. Name is also compatible (in  length and structure) with other trail  names such as The Railway Trail. The  other options are too long and not  only that adding *Lakeshore*  and *Shoreline* would be redundant  as *Chantry View* implies the trail is  along the shoreline/lakeshore.

Chantry View Sunset Trail !!!

Chantry View Trail

CVT  Chantry View Trail  Love it!

How about Saugeen Shores Sunset trail!

I don't like any of these should have  at least mentioned something about the  area that it is in Port Elgin. Hope  none of them win!

I had hoped for Chantry View  Recreation Trail to capture the all  encompassing aspect knowing it would  likely get shortened to Chantry View  Trail. Brief is better. Thanks.

I like the more uncomplicated three  word name best  easier to say.

It's very important to have a descriptive element + one for a sense of place in a name of a tourist attraction  which is why I advocate for more than just the *Chantry View Trail*. I like the word Shoreline better than Lakeshore because it sounds softer and seems a better fit for the trail. Looking forward to hearing more from others! Victoria Serda

Keep it short stupid or KISS

Love the trail. we often bike to Port  Elgin from Southampton and back.

Name is too long  shoreline trail is better

None of the above names are suitable

Others are too long  as the Chantry  View trail we could refer to it as the  CVT  like Toronto's DVP but WAY  better!!

Out of the three would choose Chantry  View Trail. However my name  suggestion would be either "Sunset  Trail" or "SouthPort Trail" 

Shorline Trail

Short simple easy to remember...


Thanks to whomever gave us the option to  vote

The less letters the cheaper the sign!

The name needs to have what type of  trail it is  "Shoreline" is the best.  As it markets and tells visitors the  experience they will have  important  for serious walkers and hikers who  plans travel/vacations based on  experience. It's not all about us  is  it?

The name will be condensed to Chantry View Trail regardless of its official  name.

We vote for Chantry View Trail.

Why on earth would you add another word  to the name such as *Lakeshore*  or *Shoreline* to make it more  confusing and forgettable?

*Please note we remove duplicate votes from the same source.  It's a waste of time voting more than once.







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Friday, October 29, 2010