Ripley-Huron 4-H awards presented
By Liz Dadson


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The "Mutton"eers sheep club includes, back, leader Steve Hallam (L), Serena Lamont, Jordan Ernewein, Ryan Hallam, Brendan Orr, Tyler Hallam, Skylar Rutledge, Jake Fair; front, Tyson Rutledge (L), Greg Reid, Emily Ernewein, Sydney Beishuizen, Zachary Reid, and leader Anne MacInnes. Absent are Emma Caesar, Robin Chevalier, Chelsea Pope and Cody Ribbink


The dairy club members are, back, Manuel Inauen (L), Grant Martin, Stan terWoerds, Serena Lamont, Marcel Inauen; front, leader Alec Martin (L), Dan Martin, Eric Martin, Judith Gutter, and leaders Fran and Jim Farrell


The conservation club includes, back, leader Steve Hallam (L), Tyson Rutledge, Greg Reid, Emily Ernewein, Bradley Reid, Stan terWoerds, Grant Martin, Jordan Ernewein; front, Ryan Hallam (L), Skylar Rutledge, Tyler Hallam, Brendan Orr, Sydney Beishuizen, Jake Fair, Judith Gutter, and leaders Fran Farrell and Anne MacInnes. Absent are Emma Caesar and Robin Chevalier


Members of the "Disectagons" veterinary club are, back, Jordan Ruetz (L), Angeles Lewis, Claire Coenen, Emily McKay, Stan terWoerds, Ashley McConnell; front, leader Ken Bridge (L), Alanna McKay, Eline Gutter, Grant Martin, Justin Ruetz, Judith Gutter, Serena Lamont, and leader Robyn Bridge. Absent are Jonathon Farrell, Patrick Farrell, Kim Hooey and Cassandra Robert


The Ripley Rockers curling club includes, back, Jordan Ruetz (L), Angeles Lewis, Greg Reid, Grant Martin, Bradley Reid, Justin Ruetz, Rachael Coenen, and leader Sharon Martin; front, leader Alec Martin (L), Ryan Hallam, Claire Coenen, Eline Gutter, Dan Martin, Emily Ernewein, Stephen Lewis, Tyler Hallam and Brendan Orr. Absent are Patrick Farrell and Craig Meyer


Members of the South Bruce calf club, which covers Ripley and Kincardine, are, back, Donna Bridge (L) (filling in for her daughter, leader Kathryn Bridge), Bradley Reid, Melinda Scott, Bailey McConnell, Ashley McConnell, and leader Rosanne McConnell; front, Cristina Young (L), pre-4-H "peewee" members Cora Hodgins, Cailyn McKay and Connor Dixon, and Justin Eby. Absent are James Calhoun, Brianna Husk, Ryan Husk, Jasper Munro, Ian Wallace and Caitlin Young

The Ripley-Huron 4-H members and leaders received recognition for their hard work over the past year, during the awards night held Friday at the Ripley-Huron Community Centre.

Receiving their first-project certificate and plaque were Sydney Beishuizen, Emma Caesar, Robin Chevalier, Jordan Ernewein, Jake Fair, Zachary Reid, Skylar Rutledge and Tyson Rutledge.

Earning their sixth project seal were Claire Coenen, Eline Gutter, Judith Gutter, Stephen Lewis, Ashley McConnell, Emily McKay, Brendan Orr, Greg Reid and Jordan Ruetz.

Grant Martin and Justin Ruetz have each completed 12 clubs; and Dan Martin has completed 18 clubs.

Youth leaders this year included Jonathon Farrell, Kim Hooey and Dan Martin.

Ripley-Huron Ambassador of the Fair Dayna Simpson was on hand to draw the door prize winners, and also spoke briefly about what she will be doing to represent the Ripley Agricultural Society over the next year.

Everyone was reminded that November is National 4-H Month, so show your support, by wearing green on Nov. 4. Green and white are the official colours of 4-H: green represent agriculture and the environment, while white signifies youth.

Also, starting with the next 4-H session, children as young as age nine can now join 4-H.


Receiving special recognition are Grant Martin (L) and Justin Ruetz who have completed 12 4-H clubs, and Dan Martin who has completed 18 clubs


Ripley-Huron Ambassador of the Fair Dayna Simpson draws a ticket for a door prize

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Saturday, October 23, 2010