Neil Sinclair celebrates his 85th!

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 Patriarch Neil Sinclair (centre), surrounded by family, celebrates his 85th on October 27th

(L)Steven, Sarah, Allan, Joan, Edith, Laura, Michael, Heather and Michael Jefferson and front Lorraine, Neil and Ian Sinclair

Neil Sinclair, patriarch of the Bruce County Sinclair family, is a part of the history of electricity coming to Bruce County.

He celebrated his birthday a few days early on Sunday, October 24th (his actual birthday is October 27th), with a 'come and go' reception at the Scout Hall in Southampton, surrounded by family members and friends.

A special birthday cake created by MaryEllen Harrigan of Southampton, features Neil's favourite four-legged companions

Neil Sinclair began wiring farmhouses in the Tara area in the early 1940s when electricity was a "new-fangled" thing in the country.  As he did, people began to ask him if he "could get them one of those new refrigerators".  Well, the requests increased and Sinclair soon realized there was a business opportunity for appliance sales and Sinclair Electric in Tara was born.

In the mid-1960s, Sinclair sold the electrical contracting side of the business but continued to expand his retail sales.  Then, in 1976, he moved both his family and his business to Southampton where he opened Square Deal Neil's.

Today, more than 30 years later, the business is still thriving.  His son, Ian Sinclair, wife Edith, and both children, Mike and Laura, all work in the business.  "We are definitely a family owned and operated business," says Edith,  "and, as a family, we've built our reputation around one major key ... service."

Neil Sinclair officially retired in 1994 and, an avid card player, today enjoys playing and teaching euchre and cribbage.  A keen collector, he not only has a collection of ball caps but also a more unusual collection of 'jokers' [cards] from around the world.

October is a big month for the Sinclair family!

Not only did Neil retire in October, 1994, he celebrates his birthday on October 27th, he and wife, Lorraine, recently celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary on October 12th and Edith and Ian Sinclair's daughter, Heather, was recently married this month.

October is a big 'Sinclair' month!


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Sunday, October 24, 2010