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It would appear from the numbers that Saugeen Shores had one of the highest voter turnouts when it came to the recent election.


Perhaps, some of the new candidates or candidates for a new position, may have been part of the reason.  It takes a lot of fortitude to put yourself in the public eye by standing up to make your voice heard.


The position of running for municipal public office should take a lot of commitment, dedication and wanting the best for the community in which you live and work.


While Victoria Serda may not have have won when it comes to numbers, she was a winner anyway for standing up for her ideals and beliefs. She campaigned hard and went door to door to actually talk with the people of her community and to find out their concerns.  She is passionate in her causes and is trying to make her a community a better place in which to live.


Relative newcomer to the political stage, Luke Charbonneau took the bold step of running for the second highest position in a municipality, that of Deputy Mayor.


While many may have thought his age was against him, Charbonneau proved that sometimes you have take a leap of faith in life and let the chips fall. Contrary to his age going against him, it appears that voters were ready to let a new generation have a chance to prove itself and bring new, fresh ideas to the table.


Sunnie Cushnie also stood up, literally and figuratively, to let his name come forward on the roster.  A young family man and business owner, he came in with just over 200 votes less than his nearest opponent, incumbent Thead Seaman, indicating that even in a primarily retirement community, there are those who are ready for change.


The number of those who cast their votes also increased this time round to one of the highest turn-outs since amalgamation.  The split was almost even between the three wards but Southampton came in at the highest.


Votes  and Percentage of votes  


Victoria SERDA 1273 21.00%
Mike SMITH* 4790 79.00
Total votes 6063  



Luke CHARBONNEAU  * 3541 58.63%
Doug FREIBURGER 2499 41.37%
Total votes 6040 6040  


Sunny CUSHNIE 944 27.08%
Diane HUBER* 1337 38.35%
Thead SEAMAN* 1205 34.57%
Total votes 3486  


Gary R. BROWN* 723 38.34%
Cindy CARTWRIGHT 550 29.16%
Taun FROSST* 613 32.50%
Total Votes 1886  



Ward  Eligible Voted %
Saugeen 2267 1251 55.18%
Port Elgin 5505 2809 51.03%
Southampton 3711 2068  55.73%
Totals 11483 6,128 53.37%




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For those who didn't vote ... don't complain when things don't go as you think they should.  In a democracy, if you don't exercise your 'rights', you may find that one day you don't have any!






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Tuesday, October 26, 2010