Former KDSS teacher gardening in Toronto

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If you've been wondering where Mark Winkler is, you'll be delighted to know he is gardening in Toronto.

The former Kincardine District Secondary School computer teacher has been staying in the city due to health problems and took up the opportunity to garden.

"I thought you might like this," he says, referring to the photo at right:

"High school teacher/urban gardener Mark Winkler just finishes trying to give his interesting squash/winter melon a little support so it can actually continue to grow."

Winkler's little urban garden is located very close to York University.

"Abnormally good growing conditions during the summer led to great gardening success in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)," he says.

"This was my first attempt here and I didn't really put much work into it. However, I had excellent results with some two-by-eights, some bags of topsoil and a little know-how." 



Mark Winkler with his squash/winter melon


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Thursday, September 23, 2010