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The Question

Should the LHINs have control over local hospital emergency services where money is locally raised to support them?

  • Yes

  • No


No 87.72%
Yes 12.28%

Here are some of the comments, but not all:

Absolutely not. The LHIN in Wallaceburg is closing the hospital   where the townspeople donated the land  and raised money to help build the hospital. Now they have to drive to   Chatham. Appalling. Class action lawyers should be lining up to take LHIN on.

Any monies raised locally for any  project should be directed in whole to the project for which it was raised.

Absolutely not!! The LHINS are a buffer for McGinty's government and nothing more.

Absolutely not. The   LHINS are only a buffer for the   Government  another layer of   unnecessary bureauacrcy.

I don't think the LHINs care about local hospital. I don't even know why the government set is   up it sure isn't more efficient and   they seem to think the money they get   (from taxpayers) is theirs and they can   feed their own coffers. There is not   accountability to the public.   

The LHINS should be totally disbanded. We are paying them   a great deal of money that should be   going to support hospitals instead

We can never raise enough money locally to support   Emergency Services. We should  definitely have input with our regional LHIN in order that they understand the very NB needs of this   community but to think that we can have the ultimate control because we   raise some of the money is   unrealistic. C Grady

Definitely Not This revenue was given   to a specific hospital and the larger hospitals are already *swallowing* the   smaller ones up!!!

I don't think LHINS should have  control over anything. It appears the   government has added another layer to   health care that is spiraling out of   control. Put the dollars back in   health care and let the local hospital   boards manage it themselves.

I don't think so....

If a local need is identified and I  want to make a donation to buy a piece of equipment to meet that need then what business is it of the LHIN? If   the LHIN is making the decisions on   where when and how to spend my   donation then I'm not donating. Their decisions and even their existence is   just too controversial.

It is questionable as to whether the LHINs should have control over   anything.


EDITOR's Note:  This has been a big issue in Ontario and Saugeen Shores.  Please see Google and the Saugeen Times Search engine

LHIN shouldn't be given any control of  anything until the long overdue review by McGuinty happens. Control should   be given to the invested local   physicians and the invested locals who   spend a lot of time and effort into  fundraising for the betterment of the   system. LHIN is not synonymous with   betterment from a care perspective.

LHINS are a mistake and always have been. They do not understand the   pressures that are affecting smaller   rural hospitals. They should not even   exist let alone have any say in how   our hospitals are serviced at any   level.

LHINs are an unnecessary layer of  bureaucrats.

LHINS are nothing more than a  financial *SINKHOLE*. Get rid of   them. Use the many millions that they   cost to correct the emergency room   issues.

LHINS should be eliminated period!  They're just another level in an  already bloated bureaucracy.  They've done nothing positive for Saugeen Memorial.

LHINS was set up to save money. In  2009/10 they spent $80M on wages operating expenses and equipment.   Where are the savings? Scrap the system and put budget decisions back into the hands of the ministry at the provincial gov't.

Local residence should have control.   Southampton Hospital ALWAYS had funds to support the hospital and the   emergency services. Amalgamation has   FAILED and the LHINS will also fail our community as we can not compete   with larger community needs.

Most members of the LHINS for our area   DO NOT come from this area and have no interest in our health needs   nor   have they experienced any of our medical situations re long waits for medical appointments long ER waits and of course our winter weather. )

No they seem oblivious of patient  needs geography and winter  conditions in rural Ontario.

Our hospital and ER are vital to the  fabric that binds Saugeen Shores together and is critical in the health  and survival of the sick and injured.   LHINS do not consult with the public and have passed illegal rules to carry  out secrete decisions.

The only control that the LHINS have is to require the hospital corporations to  stay within their budgets. The hospital  corporations control local hospital emergency services. Their management and  boards need to be responsible.


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Wednesday, September 29, 2010