Ripley Disectagons plan to hold dog-wash on Sept. 11
By Alanna McKay


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logoThe Ripley Disectagons 4-H vet club met at the Ripley-Huron vet clinic, Wednesday, Aug. 25, for its second last meeting. 

To begin the meeting, the members discussed when they were going to hold their fund-raiser. It was decided to hold a dog-wash on Saturday, Sept. 11, at the Ripley Huron Vet Clinic, at noon. 

After this discussion, the members who still needed to present their projects did so. 

Then, Ken Bridge showed the group the lungs he had received from The Beef Way, pointing out the different parts of the lungs. 

When it began to rain, the club went inside and had its test. 

The next meeting, when the club will prepare for the dog-wash, will be on Sept. 8.



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Tuesday, August 31, 2010