Kincardine summer playground program volunteers appreciated


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Summer playground program volunteers include, back, Natasha Rutledge (L), Naha Yadav, Sarafina Pagnotta, Josh Murphy, Luke Splettstoesser, Mark Craven, Kevin Chau, Ben Scheel, Joel Riggin; third row, Marcello Pagnotta (L), Sarah Nagus, Sarah Ferreira, Fiona Robertson, Hannah MacLeod, Dakota Smith, Brent McDonald, David Newman, Aidan Calcutt, Drew Thompson; kneeling, Alex Pagnan (L), Eline Gutter, Lara Clubb, Christine Benney, Star Boyle, Jesse Lynch, Vanessa Hodgins, Bryce Norman, Kush Joshi; front, Andrea Hoeper (L), Marley Martyn, Brooke Leppington, Sheldon McBride, Elyse Wolski, and Alexis Roote

Student volunteers who worked as buddies in the Lions Club Special Needs program, part of the Kincardine Recreation Department's summer playground program, were honoured at an appreciation event Tuesday morning at the Davidson Centre.

Each student received a certificate, a list of his/her volunteer hours, and enjoyed an ice cream sundae.

Program co-ordinator Erin Peister said there 80 volunteers this year, completing 4,000 hours during the summer.

"That's the most we've ever had," she said. "Last year, we had 60 volunteers."


Dakota Smith (L) and Lara Clubb load up on the candies when making their sundaes


Josh Murphy (L) and Marcello Pagnotta put lots of goodies on their ice cream sundaes


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Wednesday, September 01, 2010