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Teenager, Corrina Serda, is living proof of the adage, "apple doesn't fall far from the tree"

Daughter of Saugeen Shores Town Councillor and advocate for the environment, Victoria Serda,  Corrina has become an outspoken advocate for Al Gore's climate change movement and, like her mother, is also a pronounced vegan in her lifestyle.

(L)Green Party leader Elizabeth May with teenage advocate, Corrina Serda

Last weekend, the Serdas not only attended the Green Party of Canada (GPC) convention in Toronto, but Corrina Serda, gave a three-minute speech at the Opening Ceremonies and also introduced Elizabeth May, Green Party leader.  After the introduction, May pulled Serda back up on stage, gave her a big hug and then told the crowd that she was stalling because Corrina had brought her to tears!

(L) Corrina with Deputy Leader Kristof Calvo

The young teenager then met with the Deputy Leader of the GPC and former NHL Montreal Canadiens hockey player, Georges Laraque who is also vegan and impressed with Corrina's dedication.

Two young advocates, Georges Laraque and Corrina Serda

Kristof Calvo, orginally from Belgium, is the the youngest Green Party MP elected yet at age 23. He and the young Serda 'hit it off' and he was quite impressed with her asking for a copy of the photo with her that he would send to Europe.

Corrina Serda continues to speak to groups throughout Ontario and has travelled with her mother to Nashville where the duo studied with Al Gore in his climate change initiative.


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Monday, August 30, 2010