Saugeen presented traditional activities during the summer

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A traditional feast and storytelling by Priscilla Yellowhead-Tobey

Every Thursday evening during the summer, visitors had the opportunity to enjoy a traditional native feast and storytelling at Saugeen Ojibway Nation  (SON) just outside of Southampton.

Priscilla Yelllowhead -Tobey attired in traditional regalia cooked fresh whitefish over an open fire and served it with 'bannock' (a type of bread), potatoes and leeks, corn and fresh strawberry preserves.

Guests enjoy the open-air traditional feast

Following dinner in the open air, Yellowhead-Tobey entertained with traditional stories evolved from nature and handed down through the generations.

Each guest receives a traditional pouch

Each guest was also given a small handmade leather drawstring pouch which was then filled with sweetgrass, sage, tobacco and cedar handed out by Yellowhead-Tobey, who explained the meaning behind each of the native plants.



Approximately 20 people attended each Thursday night feast by reservation, including local residents and visitors or tourists.


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Friday, August 20, 2010