Historic Saugeen Métis celebration

Historic Métis

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Many gather to enjoy Metis celebration at Fairy Lake in Southampton

The Métis of Saugeen Shores held its first celebration at Fairy Lake in Southampton, since being recognized as an Independent nation by the Canadian government.

Renowned Métis geneologist, Patsy McArthur

"This is our first celebration after being officially recognized by the Federal Government," said Patsy McArthur.  "We are one of two recognized Métis  communities in Ontario - the other is Red Sky in Thunder Bay.  This is the year of the Métis and Louis Riel who also had ties to this area."

Métis Council (L) V-P Archie Indoe, Chris Wentworth, Goldie, Patsy McArthur & niece, Tammy

(L) Peter Grandville Brown and son, Mason wearing their new Métis colours

Peter Grandville Brown and his son, Mason, travelled from New Canaan, Connecticut to be part of the Métis celebration.

"We had no idea of our connection to this area," said Peter Brown, "until we found it on the internet. We've since learned that my grandmother was born here (Southampton) in 1890 and then moved to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.  We always assumed the name Grandville was English until we found that it was derived from the French Gonneville."

Grandville Brown and his cousin, David Grandville who was an astronaut on board the Shuttle Columbia when it exploded killing all aboard, did not know they were descendants of the Métis until recently.

Peter Grandville Brown had been left many photos of ancestors but did not know who they were.  When he discovered Patsy McArthur, he sent copies of the photos to her only to discover that she had the same photos and knew all the people.  "It was simply amazing," said Grandville Brown, "and I just knew we had to come here to Southampton for this celebration."

Grandville Brown's son, Mason, who is in university studying political science, added that, "It was amazing to find out our family history."

The 'Métis Quartet' oringally from Winnipeg

Nicholas, Danton, Alyssa & Conlin Delbaere-Sawchuk


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Tuesday, August 17, 2010